In the beginning…


I can imagine a legion of writers across the known world who have yet to join the blogosphere because they just can’t decide on a fancy blog name. Thousands of would-be blogging authors stand at the door trying desperately to come up with a name that is intelligent/witty/non-pretentious – in short, it heralds their arrival and reveals their talent in a snazzy couple of words. It took me 24 hours to give up and just go with my Twitter handle, just to get in the bloody door and have a look around!

big bangI’ve found naming things becomes harder the more projects I get under my belt. Character names are now weighted with logic and/or symbolism. Gone be the days every major male character was a ‘Michael’ or a ‘James’ or some other strong but overused name. Female characters were inevitably given feminine monickers such as ‘Laura’ (Alan Shatter must know the plight), or ‘Amy’. While I’ve yet to include a character called Beyonce or Nikki in anything (yet) there is an onus to name characters appropriate to their ages and cultures.

Anyhoo, I digress…

This blog will, hopefully, include random and not-so-random musings on the writing process, from ‘naming things’ and ‘writing tips’ to ‘getting it written’ and ‘getting it published’… I have copious experience and a love of the art.

So, let me get settled in here and I’ll post again soon.


What do you think?

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