Finding a home at Tramp


Shush… can you hear that?

That’s the sound of thousands of manuscripts being dusted off and reread by excited authors. They have just been given the green light – no, strike that – they have just been given an open invitation to send their works of fiction to a spanking new publishing house. And they only have until September to forward three sample chapters, synopsis and a letter of introduction. After that, it looks like the publisher will become too famous to receive unsolicited submissions and its slush pile shall attain Himalayan proportions.

Sarah Davis-Goff

Sarah Davis-Goff

You see the story of Tramp Press is almost like fiction itself. Plucky young intern called Sarah Davis-Goff dives into sky-high slush pile at Lilliput Press only to discover a rare gem, The Spinning Heart by Donal Ryan, which goes on to land a slot on the coveted Man Booker prize longlist. Intern sets up ‘Independent Irish Publisher’ and hopes lightning strikes twice by inviting every author in the land with a finished manuscript and a glint in their eye to lay siege to its inbox.

So, if you have a finished novel, or even just three chapters you quite like the look of, then you should be pinging that email tout suite.

We publish brilliant fiction of all types, whether it be literary or genre – sci-fi, YA, fantasy, crime, or whatever you’re having yourself – Tramp Press

Who knows, your story could become part of Tramp Press‘s epic tale.

What do you think?

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