Authors never look like their names suggest

I had read about eight of Stephen King’s books before I saw a picture of him. I had never seen him on TV or spotted an image of him in a newspaper or magazine. The books of his I begged, borrowed and stole never had an author pic. When I finally laid eyes on his mug I was seriously let down. That guy can’t be King, right?!

Stephen KingOr maybe it was just me.

In my mind, Stephen King looked like a stubble-cheeked, dark-eyed, tousle-haired cross between Eastwood and Springsteen. In reality, he looked like a college professor … or a car salesman. In fact, he looked like one of the everymen who starred in his novels.

Memories of this come to mind because I shot my very own author pic today. As I have said elsewhere in this blog, when it comes to the hard stuff concerning your book go to the professionals. I did it when it came to editing and I did it when it came to the book cover. I’m lucky to be long-time friends with a fantastic photographer called Eddie Hennessy. It’s fair to say that his life has had more ups and downs than a King story. Eddie’s tale is one I hope to read in print someday.

Anyway, I spent the day eyeballing his camera while he worked his magic with the lights and action. Within minutes he showed me an image of a guy who looks remarkably like me.

Eddie will tell you that he’s still learning his trade – and he is – but that’s just the sign of someone who really loves what they do. When you really love what you do, what you do can’t be called work. Check out his amazing portfolio at

No doubt he’ll be putting that picture of the guy who looks like me up there soon. You can check out the image here.

What do you think?

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