Blood, sweat and beers

ragIs there anything more thrilling for a writer than to sit among an audience and be enthralled as their play comes to life upon a stage? Last night, I experienced this thrill, watching as Reverse Psychology offered a glimpse of another reality there on the Cork Arts Theatre boards.

I glanced around several times, gazing at the faces in the gloom, bewitched by the performances, engaged by the story, hooked by the characters. Yes, the story and the characters were mine, and the spoken words were written by me, but they would have remained inert without the talented actors’ ability to breathe life into them. The intriguing drama was spun by Judy Donovan, Catherine Crowley, Liam O’Maoldhomhnaigh, and Dave McGuire, under the direction of John Hayes.

Reverse Psychology was one of six plays in the horror anthology called Disconnected. phone 312It was co-directed by John Hayes and Noelle Clarke. Some plays were funny, some were unsettling, some were downright bizarre – all were fascinating. Overhearing conversations while quaffing a well-needed interval drink, I heard snippets such as: “… I never expected that twist …”, “… she was very powerful …” and “… I was baffled about half-way through, to be honest …”

At the end of the night, I was the last to leave the auditorium. Discarded on stage from the final play was a blood-soaked garment. It had been tossed aside by a terrorised character. It summed up the preceding 2 and a half hours of theatre.

I thanked the actors in play for their fantastic work. They had been concerned before (and during!) the performance because they knew I was out there somewhere in the dark. But I’m not precious about my work. I knew it was in the hands of people who knew how to do it justice. The actors and the director brought my writing to life… and allowed a roomful of strangers in the dark into my imagination.

How cool is that?

There’s no greater incentive to get working on the next story.


  1. That’s what its all about! Congratulations and thanks for sharing your experience. It creates incentive for the rest of us too.

    1. Only too happy to oblige, Spencer. Keep on trucking!

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