Mrs God discovers the Amazon

Book coverAlmost two years after I first gave serious thought to publishing an ebook, Mrs God is lurking somewhere in the Amazon! (Actually, just click here or on the book cover and it’ll bring you directly to the source.)

It’s not my first book, but it is my first outside the traditional publishing medium. Put it this way, I’ve ridden a bicycle before, but this time the stabilisers have been taken off. It’s scary, exhilirating stuff.

Check out my feature article in the Irish Examiner on the rise and rise of self-publishing and why serious authors are turning their backs on traditional publishing to get their works ‘out there’.

Best of luck to any writers slogging through the hard work required to get their books ready for the mighty Amazon (or whatever site takes your fancy).

It will be worth it in the end.


  1. Best of luck with it Mark! Great cover – will check it out now. As a fellow Irish author, I was wondering whether you had discovered the ‘catch’ with selling books in Ireland through Amazon. As there is no, they only pay 35% royalties on books sold in Ireland :-/

    1. Hi Evie,
      Thanks for checking out my book… and posting. It’s great to hear from other authors out there!
      I enlisted Mrs God in Amazon’s KDP Select so as far as I know I’ll get 70% of royalties. Did you know about this? I also contacted the IRS to stop them withholding 30% of my royalties. Let me know if you need any help with this…

  2. Aw, thanks Mark 🙂 I knew about the IRS thing, but to be honest I’ve been putting it off (sounds scary!) so might take you up on that! I decided not to go down the KDP Select route, after a lot of research I felt it wasn’t right for me, but let me know if your algorithms go doolally! I get 70% royalties on e-books sold in the US, UK and other countries that have an ‘agreement’ with Amazon. Ireland has no such agreement, so Amazon has kindly informed me that Irish customers buying my book in Ireland will only earn me a 35% royalty. I was really surprised that no other self-pub’d Irish author had mentioned this. I’m now encouraging people to buy off Apple & Kobo 😉 Let me know how you go – good to meet you too 🙂

    1. Hi Evie,
      I’ll let you know how the KDP Select experiment works out – it’s only 3 months anyway!
      I’m not going to worry about it all too much, especially when I need to apply part of my brain to a sequel!!
      Great to meet you too 🙂

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