Season of the which… book

Everything has a season – clothes, love, music holidays… ahm, being jolly. Right now Hollywood has finished airing its mediocre movies and has switched into high gear, unleashing its quality films so they can dazzle cinema-goers and award juries the world over.

ereaderIt’s also book season. In fact, according to some people who calculate such things, we’re 13 days into book season. The second Thursday in October has been deemed the best day to launch your book; the best time to stand up on your surf board and ride the wave to the shores of Christmas!

So, if your novel is still sitting on your editor’s desk, you might want to have a word in his ear. If your ebook is still waiting for you to hit ‘Publish’, then do it NOW! Clickety-click!

Remember, an ebook isn’t just for Christmas. Think of all the wide-eyed and happy folk who’ll get an e-reader from Santa. They’ll all go hunting for ebooks in the weeks after Rudolph clatters across their roofs. They need to know your book is out there somewhere, because the odds of one of them stumbling upon your belated publication is a little north of zero; the odds of hordes of them doing so is infinitely less. Publish now and let people know you’ve done so.

I published my book, Mrs God, on the FIRST Thursday in October. I like to be different. And optimistic.

After all, it’s the season for that too.

What do you think?

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