Competition time for young writers

Have you got a budding young writer in your house? A novelist who’s still learning their ABCs? A future Pulitzer prize winner who’s still a young teenager?

Well if so, here’s a short story competition for them to hone their skills and – possibly – win lots of books for themselves and their schools.

The Specsavers Short Story Competition is open to anyone under the age of 16 living in Ireland, with two categories (under 12 and 12-16).

PedaloAll authors have to do is write a story based on the cartoon, left. Under 12s can write up to 250 words and 12-16-year-olds can write up 500 words.

Parents really should get their children involved in this. It’s a fantastic way to inspire a love of writing and allow their imaginations to run wild.

My five-year-old son made up an entire story during a car journey when I gave him the outline. Once we got home I typed it out, read it to him and made the changes he wanted (definitely a budding writer!).

The closing date is November 29 so there’s plenty of time for your young author to meet their very first publication deadline!

Good luck!

Click here for competition details.


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