Fantastic fan art

Imagination must be catching. No sooner had I released my first novel than I received my very first fan art – and it was fantastic!

Jason O'Gorman -

by Jason O’Gorman –

Ava Ricken - aged 6

by Ava Ricken – aged 6

The first came from a very talented graphic designer friend of mine, Jason O’Gorman, who runs the brilliant Dynamite Studio. When he sent it to me I almost fell off my chair. It shows a significant scene from Mrs God, with the central character plummeting towards the Pit, where she-

Well, that would be telling!

Jason also designed an equally brilliant image featuring one of the main baddies in the novel during the book’s exciting finale.

My first card congratulating me on the publication of Mrs God was homemade by the two young children of a close friend. It featured a brilliant portrait of my main character and was drawn by Ava Ricken – aged 6. It’s just as brilliant as Jason’s work!! I’m sure he would agree.

I’ll be adding any and all fan art to the Mrs God website, so check it out for updates.

What do you think?

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