Choosing an extract from a self-published novel

Don’t get me wrong, being asked by a newspaper to submit a 1,000-word extract from my novel for publication is a fantastic honour and I am greatly thankful. But I worried immensely over which bit to hand over.

Do I submit the beginning? But then again beginnings don’t usually have satisfying endings after 1,000 words.

Do I submit the end? Eh, no. They don’t usually have satisfying beginnings.

Right then, somewhere in between. It should be something that grabs attention but doesn’t give much away. Something that can stand on its own…

After much thought I found the perfect part – it has action, mentions key characters and doesn’t reveal what’s in the box.

You can see the published result by clicking the link below…

‘A monster stood in a circle of light’

Check out more at

What do you think?

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