Fusion goes nuclear

01XS2014-01-09e1Tomorrow marks the 50th Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition at the RDS in Dublin. To celebrate the event, I’ve edited and designed (and wrote a lot of) a science magazine which highlights the past, present and future of science in Ireland. It features guest writers, key interviews, reviews of the year in science, a quiz and many other (p)articles.

It was a lot of hard work, but it was worth it. Public engagement and knowledge of science is something I feel passionate about. Check out my other blog posts on science.

In a parallel universe I completed a master’s degree in science communication. However, in this reality the magazine is the result of hard work and passion, showing how our little country has always made a big contribution to science – Robert Boyle and Lord Kelvin were Irish, the man who split the atom was Irish, as were the men who invented the modern submarine, hypodermic needle and portable defibrillator, and the woman who discovered pulsars was Irish too.

After speaking with lots of young scientists, I can guarantee that, as long as their parents and teachers nurture their curiosity, Ireland’s future in science will always be bright.

What do you think?

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