And the winner is…

CAT awardMy play The Light Keepers won two of these over the weekend – one for Best Production and one for Best Actor.

Director Noelle Clarke deserves each and every plaudit she received for fashioning a “magical” production, for breathing life – and light! – into my work. Her vision was spot on and her choreography of the piece saw every square inch of the stage being utilised for the clash of cultures. Eugene McCarthy was simply superb as ‘Prom’ and won over the adjudicator with his performance. He was up against other brilliant performances but won out with his wonderfully engaging work.

Much thanks must also go to Leo Jeffs, a young man with a huge future in theatre at the very least if his dynamic turn as ‘Menlo’ was anything to go by.

Well done too to the Cork Arts Theatre and their Writers’ Week competition, which is unique in Ireland.


  1. Didn’t catch the play, but great to see it did so well. I’d still hold onto the job for a while, but you’re on the right track. Congrats.

    1. Haha, I’ll keep the day/night job alright, Tom. Where do you think I get all the ideas from?

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