From Cork to New York

manucriptIt’s always nice to receive evidence that the time you put into constructing a story was not in vain. Sometimes it comes in the form of publication, or production, or even an award.

They’re all fabulous and all, but when a creative group on the other side of the world tells you that one or two of your stories – or, more specifically, one-act plays – will shortly go into production there, it’s a whole new level.

So consider my surprise when I received the following email:

Hi Mark,

Ok, we’re going to take on one or perhaps two pieces of yours. I hope that comes as good news, and I’ll get back to you with details, just wanting to toss a few things back and forth with a colleague.  Hope you are well and would enjoying hearing of any developments in your writing life since we last spoke.

I won’t nix it by revealing the theatre company, but I will let you know the wheres and whens if and when they become solid facts. Having dealt with theatrical companies in Cork, I understand the difficulties in producing plays, so I’m not counting my thespian chickens just yet! I still don’t even know which plays they’re interested in. (See Plays.) All I can say is that the company is based in New York.

It has been a fantastic experience to see my plays produced in my home city. It would be surreal to travel from Ireland to the US to watch them unfold on a stage there.

Fingers are crossed that legs will be broken…

What do you think?

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