Here’s to swimmin’ with bow-legged women

On the Fourth of July last, the brother and I attended a special screening of Jaws to mark its 40th anniversary. It ticked a rather large box for two fans of Spielberg’s shark film, as we’ve seen it now on TV, VHS, DVD, blogged about it and read the coffee-table book. (Also, I own a picture showing the three main leads looking concerned aboard the Orca, autographed by Richard Dreyfuss.)

It was great to immerse ourselves in the movie in the medium that it was intended to be shown – the Big Screen. ie120615p1mastJAWSAnd it didn’t fail to impress. There were far more laughs (for the right reasons!) than I would have predicted, but the scares were just as potent as they were four decades ago. In fact, the blonde lady off to our right shrieked so much that we reckoned it was her first time seeing it. The film won two Oscars for sound and when experienced on the biggest of screens that work was evident. Quint’s demise was shockingly bone-crunching.

The evening was the perfect end to a celebration that began two weeks earlier when I penned a newspaper feature about the influences for and impact of Jaws. To read it, just hook a barrel on this link.

In the meantime, feast your eyes below on the brilliant graphic accompanying the piece designed by the Irish Examiner‘s Dermot Ahern. If you can’t see the whole thing I think you’re gonna need a bigger screen…

40 Fin-tastic Facts about Jaws

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