Cause and effect

No Borders

I was asked to submit a play to help raise funds for refugees living in my city. And though the subject matter was as serious and as difficult as you would expect, the writing process in itself was enjoyable. I’ve had the honour of having plays produced and with that honour comes a third eye, one that allows you to see the play being acted as you write. In this way you can iron out the wrinkles before they can become a problem.

However, the main reason for writing the play, called You Have It All Backwards, is to be a part of a great cause – one of the biggest issues facing all European nations today – and a great night of theatre.

Pauline O'Driscoll

Pauline O’Driscoll

My play will be directed by John Hayes, who has brought a couple of my plays to light on stage, and will star the award-winning actress Pauline O’Driscoll. I was chuffed to have my play accepted for production, but over-the-moon to have Pauline breathe life into my one-woman play. I have seen her act many times and can’t wait to see her speak my words.

Great cause; fine plays; good luck to all.

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  1. […] play was inspired by another of mine called You Have It All Backwards. Bringing this one to life is the same actor who brought such an energy in Backwards that left […]

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