The Trinity Code – Three Not-So-Random Numbers in the Book

One of the best things about creating a world – or in my case, three of them – is filling it with easter eggs. If this makes you think of chocolate then either you’re hungry or you’ve never seen a Marvel movie. Easter eggs are hidden gems for viewers/readers to discover and can make the experience of the film/book more rewarding.

My book has a lot of easter eggs, but not just for the sake of it. They also perform the important function of linking the three worlds of Trinity, to build bridges across time and space. Some are obvious, some are subtle… and some will probably never be uncovered by readers. (A challenge if I ever heard one!)

To get people thinking about the various easter eggs in Trinity I’ve decided to get the ball rolling by pointing out a few of them. Don’t worry, none of these are spoilerific.


  1. 166: In Verona’s world – she lives on a space station called Gaia – there is a massive and complex mission to save as many people on wartorn Earth as possible. Some 166 rescue ships will launch from Gaia and land at key sites across the globe. I could have chosen any similar number – why not 165? or 201? or 111? Well, there had to be something between 100 and 200 ships – too few would make it a poor rescue bid;matrix too many would be too cumbersome for a space station to hold. I settled on 166 because there are 66 books in the bible. The number 166 also pops up in Eva’s world of modern-day New York… but I’ll let you find that one.
  2. 120515: Eva makes her way to a mysterious address – 1205, 15th Street. The book is dedicated to my daughter, Naia. Have a guess what her date of birth is?
  3. 824: Another bible link, this one physical. It’s the number of pages in Eva’s copy. Elsewhere, it’s also the distance in kilometres from the space station that something significant occurs.

Did you spot any others?

Mrs God: Trinity –

Mrs God: Trinity –


What do you think?

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