Mark Evans is an award-winning author and a journalist with the Irish Examiner.



Chalk and Cheese (2016) – third place winner of the Francis MacManus Short Story Competition. Broadcast on RTÉ Radio One. Listen here


Mrs God: Trinity (2016)



“unputdownable, a thoroughly enjoyable read”

“if you have a penchant for medieval fantasy, thrillers and sci-fi, this is pretty much the motherload”

“a roller coaster ride darting between the past, present and future”

“immensely enjoyable novel with great storytelling, a compelling plot”


Mrs God (2013)

Book cover

“rich characters, sensational battle scenes”

“epic fantasy thriller”

“action-packed yet emotionally engaging”

” kept me hanging on to the edge of my seat”

“you’ll adore Mrs God from start to finish”

“couldn’t put it down, yet didn’t want it to finish”


Inquizition (2007) – published by Mercier Press.

To be captioned by Picture Desk


You Have It All Backwards (2015) – debuted as part of a theatrical show to raise funds and awareness for the European refugee crisis. Performed at various locations including the Everyman Theatre, Cork, and Smock Alley, Dublin.

Reverse Psychology (2013) – part of the widely acclaimed horror anthology Disconnected, which ran at the Cork Arts Theatre.

The Light Keepers (2013) – shortlisted for Cork Arts Theatre One-Act Playwright Awards and produced. Directed by Noelle Clarke. Winner of two awards, Best Production and Best Actor, for Eugene McCarthy (Prom).

73 Seconds (2012) – shortlisted Cork Arts Theatre One-Act Playwright Awards.

Fade to Black (2011) – shortlisted Cork Arts Theatre One-Act Playwright Awards. Winner of Best Actor award.

Oblivion (1999) – shortlisted Cork Arts Theatre One-Act Playwright Awards.


  1. Mark,

    This is a clever one I think … audience participation may not be for everyone though 🙂


    1. Thanks Fiona! Now I won’t rest till I’ve written a play using this method… Get the audience to do the hard work! Brilliant idea! Must try to catch the play…

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  4. Hi Mark, can you perhaps drop me a line please? Anthony Cotter gave me the heads up on your work and I’d like to have a chat about doing something for our theatre season?

    Kind regards,


  5. Gemma Kent · · Reply

    Hi Mark!
    My name’s Gemma Kent, this year’s deputy entertainment editor for UCC’s Motley magazine. I started reading Mrs God a few days ago and am absolutely loving it (the plot is seriously keeping me guessing: what is the deal with that baby??)! Having read some of the other interviews you’ve done about the book and reading about your experience of self-publishing, I think our readers would love to get an insider look at the big bad world of self-publishing and how they could go about writing, editing and releasing their own works through the likes of Amazon. It would be great if you could get in touch and thanks so much for your time!

    1. Hi Gemma,
      Great to hear from you and delighted to hear that you’re enjoying the book.
      I would love to get involved with anything you propose on the big bad world of self-publishing. I know that when I decided to avoid the traditional publishing merry-go-round I read pretty much everything about the process. Also, I’ve had lots of would-be writers contact me with queries about it, because to most people it’s so daunting. I suppose this makes me an expert in the field!

      1. Gemma Kent · ·

        That would be absolutely fantastic! Being for a student readership, I think what we’re looking for is something that gets down to the basics and shows that writing and self-publishing are goals that can realistically be attained, even for students with hectic social lives and project deadlines to meet (though those certainly aren’t student-exclusive problems!). As you said, it’s something a lot of people find daunting and it would be great to bust that myth. I was thinking the article could feature a short Q&A session about your experience in the industry and then maybe a step-by-step guide to self-publishing or some top tips on putting a book together?

      2. Sounds great, Gemma. Pop an email to me at kram.snave@gmail.com with more details on what you need and when. I’m on hols for the next 2 weeks but will mull it over while away.

  6. Hi Mark! Congrats for your project, not only the novel looks awesome (I will buy one for myself and another for my boyfriend this week) but the way of presenting it on the Internet is great. I just wanted you to know that the Social Media links on your site (MrsGod’s site) are broken, instead of taking the user to your FB, TW and LinkedIn profile, those buttons are linked to your home (I mean the ones at the bottom of the site). Didn’t mean to lecture you or anything, I just got excited with your story and thought it was a pity that some tools are not working at its best. If you need any help feel free to ask, I guess your site is under construction yet.

    Wish you the best!

    A hug from San Sebastian (Basque Country)

    1. Mucho gracias!

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