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Mythology meets modernity in short stories to fire the imagination

From a quest to find the Starbucks mermaid, to a god’s dream of saving the

Trinity prologue

“Endlessly fascinating” “Unputdownable” “Immensely enjoyable” “Amazing” “Fantasy writing at its best” “… a complex tale of love and loss, fantasy and intrigue in an action-packed novel that keeps the reader on their toes from start to finish” – Irish Examiner “… weaves [three] stories together neatly, and really hits [its] stride in the last section […]

The Trinity Code – Three Not-So-Random Numbers in the Book

One of the best things about creating a world – or in my case, three of them – is filling it with easter eggs. If this makes you think of chocolate then either you’re hungry or you’ve never seen a Marvel movie. Easter eggs are hidden gems for viewers/readers to discover and can make the […]

Goodreads giveaway

Goodreads Book Giveaway Mrs God by Mark Evans Giveaway ends May 29, 2016. See the giveaway details at Goodreads. Enter Giveaway To celebrate a great THREE months since the publication of my most recent novel, I’m offering everyone the chance to win one of THREE SIGNED COPIES. Be quick – the competition is open for […]

More than words

On World Book Day, it’s crucial that we all use the best and most powerful skill we’ve ever been taught – the ability to read. Books can take you to faraway places without taking a step; can show you things that are impossible to see; can make you laugh and cry and care for people […]

Get engaged with my book on Leap Day!

Today is Leap Day. It’s also the day my new novel, Mrs God: Trinity, is released and I’m asking you to take a leap of faith by purchasing my fantasy/sci-fi/action adventure on this rare date. If you read your books digitally then there are several ways you can download it: Apple iBooks Nook […]

Evolution of a story

Notebook… manuscript… paperback… A picture is worth a thousand words, but this one shows how my random scribblings mutated into a note-riddled beta reader manuscript and finally a 110,000-word fantasy/sci-fi book. You’re looking at 18 months of work (blood, sweat, and frantic keyboard bashing) in which the nugget of a hint of a glimpse of […]

‘Mrs God’ priced £0.99 for World Book Day

UPDATE: With so many people embracing World Book Day – and downloading my ebook – Mrs God will remain at its special price until the publication of its sequel, hopefully, later in the year. Cheers! *** To celebrate World Book Day, I’ve decided to sell the ebook of my novel Mrs God for just £0.99 or […]

Mrs God: Year One

Is it a year already? Phew. Twelve months to the day when I pressed the button and my first novel, Mrs God, entered that vast library in the cloud called Amazon. It’s still there and people are still checking it out and giving it great reviews. Looking back, there are many lessons I learned about […]

Novel word count progress bar

I wanted to add a word count progress bar like the one above to my blog a) to show people how THIS is progressing, and b) to spur me on. The whole procedure took a while longer than I had anticipated. To prevent anyone else having to spend too long trying to make this work, […]