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Who will become the 007th Bond?

The top 10 actors most likely to follow in Daniel Craig’s suede brogues…

Here’s to swimmin’ with bow-legged women

On the Fourth of July last, the brother and I attended a special screening of Jaws to mark its 40th anniversary. It ticked a rather large box for two fans of Spielberg’s shark film, as we’ve seen it now on TV, VHS, DVD, blogged about it and read the coffee-table book. (Also, I own a […]

Superheroes have become uberheroes

With Earth’s Greatest Character Actors getting pegged down by Marvel and DC for their epic multi-year showdown at the multiplexes, it reminded me of a long feature I wrote when Marvel turned 50. That was only three years ago, with Marvel still in the final throes of assembling its avengers – it had yet to […]

Loom bandits’ craze won’t stretch too far

Superstition among sportspeople is almost always contained among those who partake in team events. Thus you will find plenty of rituals among footballers but not too many among snooker players. Psychologists say it’s all to do with how much individual control they have over their sport’s outcome. If they have to rely on those around […]

Reading is a human right for kids

For the kids, the long hot summer of ’14 is nearing its end. For the parents, another long school year lies ahead and with it attempts to get children to put their playthings aside and get into classroom mode – back to reading, writing, and homework. It’s not fair to expect children to make the […]

Fusion goes nuclear

Tomorrow marks the 50th Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition at the RDS in Dublin. To celebrate the event, I’ve edited and designed (and wrote a lot of) a science magazine which highlights the past, present and future of science in Ireland. It features guest writers, key interviews, reviews of the year in science, a quiz […]

A fine feat of sole searching up a mountain

July 28 is Reek Sunday, the day up to 3,000 pilgrims from all over the world climb Croagh Patrick, Co Mayo – in their bare feet. Depending on the weather, about 20,000 people will take to the holy mountain. I undertook the barefoot feat earlier this month and wrote about the challenge. [Spoiler alert!] Obviously, […]

Blue sky thinking

Raising a child is hard. Never mind all the feeding and caring and the cleaning up of unmentionable various bodily fluids – the hardest part is something that takes you completely by surprise. The neverending list of questions! I remember feeling ready. I had just written a quiz book so I thought that that would […]

The little bang…

The God particle* hasn’t gone away, you know! It’s just over a year since the world of science was shaken by the confirmation of the existence of the Higgs boson. On July 4, 2012, a room full of particle physicists at CERN got very excited at the news – not One Direction-fan excited, they applauded […]

Bedtime stories

Got a surprise request for a bedtime story last night so I had to make one up on the spot… as you do. He may not yet be 5 years old but it’s been over a year since I was challenged to make up a story at sunset. Usually he enjoys a few pages from […]