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Who will become the 007th Bond?

The top 10 actors most likely to follow in Daniel Craig’s suede brogues…

Top 10 cinema memories from the Capitol

I’m lucky. I grew up in a city. I had a good choice of where I wanted to watch the latest film releases. There were cinemas all over Cork City. But if I wished to see Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters then there was only one place to go – the Capitol on the Grand Parade. The place […]

Here’s to swimmin’ with bow-legged women

On the Fourth of July last, the brother and I attended a special screening of Jaws to mark its 40th anniversary. It ticked a rather large box for two fans of Spielberg’s shark film, as we’ve seen it now on TV, VHS, DVD, blogged about it and read the coffee-table book. (Also, I own a […]

Sub-editing 101: Jaws

Though the screenplay for Steven Spielberg’s epic Jaws was written by Peter Benchley and Carl Gottlieb – built on the bones of Benchley’s pulp thriller and fleshed out by Gottlieb’s great ear for dialogue – the standout speech in the film – and one of the best in movie history – was ‘written’ by Howard Sackler, John […]

Superheroes have become uberheroes

With Earth’s Greatest Character Actors getting pegged down by Marvel and DC for their epic multi-year showdown at the multiplexes, it reminded me of a long feature I wrote when Marvel turned 50. That was only three years ago, with Marvel still in the final throes of assembling its avengers – it had yet to […]

And Now For Something Completely Pythonesque

I had queued for hours with hundreds of others until, finally, I stood before a real live Python. He smiled up at me and my now wife and asked: “Hrqu aidgl a blaggg poldai oa alg paegys?” “Excuse me?” is what I meant to say. Instead, I gawped silently like a grazing goldfish. My brain […]

World Cup movie final will feature Brazil v Evita!

The World Cup begins tomorrow! Cue an entire month of flicks and kicks, action and acting, heroes and villains. Just as a bit of fun, I decided to translate all the teams into movies, closely related – and sometimes not at all – to each country’s name. Based solely on cinematic terms, the competition would come […]

Down with this sort of thing, Ted!

On the last weekend in February each year a curious bunch of people gather on a small island to celebrate a TV show. They dress in character costumes (no, it’s not Star Trek), quote lines to each other (not Monty Python, either) and re-enact key scenes from the programme (Seinfeld? Uh-uh). For those of you […]

Cinemania – The rise and fall of Neon film magazine

While rummaging through boxes of stuff in the attic recently, I came across a heavy one marked ‘Neon’. Opening it up immediately opened up memories of being a student nearly 20 years ago, one who dutifully collected a film magazine that I thought was just the bee’s knees. I remember the first time I saw […]

Speed + time = Gravity

The first time I saw Sandra Bullock she was chasing a bus; most recently, she was chasing an out-of-control space station. On both occasions I was mightily impressed by the thrilling films and the show-stealing acting. It occurred to me after watching Alfonso Cuarón’s fantastic Gravity that there are parallels between Bullock’s outings as Annie […]