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Trinity prologue

“Endlessly fascinating” “Unputdownable” “Immensely enjoyable” “Amazing” “Fantasy writing at its best” “… a complex tale of love and loss, fantasy and intrigue in an action-packed novel that keeps the reader on their toes from start to finish” – Irish Examiner “… weaves [three] stories together neatly, and really hits [its] stride in the last section […]

The Trinity Code – Three Not-So-Random Numbers in the Book

One of the best things about creating a world – or in my case, three of them – is filling it with easter eggs. If this makes you think of chocolate then either you’re hungry or you’ve never seen a Marvel movie. Easter eggs are hidden gems for viewers/readers to discover and can make the […]

Goodreads giveaway

Goodreads Book Giveaway Mrs God by Mark Evans Giveaway ends May 29, 2016. See the giveaway details at Goodreads. Enter Giveaway To celebrate a great THREE months since the publication of my most recent novel, I’m offering everyone the chance to win one of THREE SIGNED COPIES. Be quick – the competition is open for […]

More than words

On World Book Day, it’s crucial that we all use the best and most powerful skill we’ve ever been taught – the ability to read. Books can take you to faraway places without taking a step; can show you things that are impossible to see; can make you laugh and cry and care for people […]

Get engaged with my book on Leap Day!

Today is Leap Day. It’s also the day my new novel, Mrs God: Trinity, is released and I’m asking you to take a leap of faith by purchasing my fantasy/sci-fi/action adventure on this rare date. If you read your books digitally then there are several ways you can download it: Apple iBooks Nook […]

Evolution of a story

Notebook… manuscript… paperback… A picture is worth a thousand words, but this one shows how my random scribblings mutated into a note-riddled beta reader manuscript and finally a 110,000-word fantasy/sci-fi book. You’re looking at 18 months of work (blood, sweat, and frantic keyboard bashing) in which the nugget of a hint of a glimpse of […]

‘Mrs God’ priced £0.99 for World Book Day

UPDATE: With so many people embracing World Book Day – and downloading my ebook – Mrs God will remain at its special price until the publication of its sequel, hopefully, later in the year. Cheers! *** To celebrate World Book Day, I’ve decided to sell the ebook of my novel Mrs God for just £0.99 or […]

I don’t like spam!

Oh dear. Looks like I spent a sizeable chunk of time responding to a machine, which didn’t really care about the process of writing at all. It just wanted me to click a link and buy some ‘stuff’. Well, wham, bam, thank you spam, but the joke’s on you. I’ll turn your realistically kosher query into […]

Novel word count progress bar

I wanted to add a word count progress bar like the one above to my blog a) to show people how THIS is progressing, and b) to spur me on. The whole procedure took a while longer than I had anticipated. To prevent anyone else having to spend too long trying to make this work, […]

Hot notes and cold coffee

  I spent the day trying to drink a hot cappuccino. This was a difficult feat considering what I was doing in the cafe for about 2 hours – plotting the bulk of the sequel to a novel. The ideas flowed, but the coffee did not. I’d dash down half a page of notes in […]