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Why my office is like Crimea

Do you have a special place to go to where you write? Do you lock yourself away beneath the stairs, in a shed, or in the downstairs loo? Will anywhere do? I used to have an office. It is the smallest bedroom in my house, complete with sturdy, wide desk, a PC, acres of bookshelves […]

Down with this sort of thing, Ted!

On the last weekend in February each year a curious bunch of people gather on a small island to celebrate a TV show. They dress in character costumes (no, it’s not Star Trek), quote lines to each other (not Monty Python, either) and re-enact key scenes from the programme (Seinfeld? Uh-uh). For those of you […]

Cinemania – The rise and fall of Neon film magazine

While rummaging through boxes of stuff in the attic recently, I came across a heavy one marked ‘Neon’. Opening it up immediately opened up memories of being a student nearly 20 years ago, one who dutifully collected a film magazine that I thought was just the bee’s knees. I remember the first time I saw […]