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Seven Ages of Mam

With apologies to the Bard, my latest play is based on one of his most celebrated monologues…

Cause and effect

I was asked to submit a play to help raise funds for refugees living in my city. And though the subject matter was as serious and as difficult as you would expect, the writing process in itself was enjoyable. I’ve had the honour of having plays┬áproduced and with that honour comes a third eye, one […]

From Cork to New York

It’s always nice to receive evidence that the time you put into constructing a story was not in vain. Sometimes it comes in the form of publication, or production, or even an award. They’re all fabulous and all, but when a creative group on the other side of the world tells you that one or […]

And the winner is…

My play The Light Keepers won two of these over the weekend – one for Best Production and one for Best Actor. Director Noelle Clarke deserves each and every plaudit she received for fashioning a “magical” production, for breathing life – and light! – into my work. Her vision was spot on and her choreography […]

Newspaper interview II: The writer’s cut

I was interviewed by Ronan Leonard for his feature article on Writers’ Week at the Cork Arts Theatre. In it I spoke about the competition, my play and how much fun it is to write a one-act. Here is the full transcript of my interview: “Once I learned the basics of writing I just kept […]

Breaking a leg at Writers’ Week

Almost a year after finishing the writing of my new one-act play, The Light Keepers, it’s almost time to see it come to life on stage. It’s always a surreal experience to watch something I’ve written unfold before me, with characters made flesh and written words spoken aloud. I never worry that the audience will […]

New play is about to see the light

The idea for my latest short play came to me while driving at night. It was a true ‘light bulb’ incident. I imagined two characters on stage, one holding a blazing light bulb and the other holding a lit candle. They were having an argument about something. My job as the playwright was to find […]

The illusion of dissatisfaction – or how to upgrade your life in one easy download

Firstly, I am not a Luddite. The real Luddites were textile craftsmen who went around 200 years ago smashing newfangled machines that threatened their jobs. Those men were being replaced by spinning frames and power looms tended to by unskilled labourers who would require far less money and do far more hours of work. Trying […]

Playing around with the rules of drama

You can’t write fiction if you don’t read novels. Fact. Writers are readers. They don’t all go to author college and get degrees in advanced writing. No, they learn how to write books by reading books, which were written by people who learned to write by reading… and so on. What about writing for the […]

Blood, sweat and beers

Is there anything more thrilling for a writer than to sit among an audience and be enthralled as their play comes to life upon a stage? Last night, I experienced this thrill, watching as Reverse Psychology offered a glimpse of another reality there on the Cork Arts Theatre boards. I glanced around several times, gazing […]