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Loom bandits’ craze won’t stretch too far

Superstition among sportspeople is almost always contained among those who partake in team events. Thus you will find plenty of rituals among footballers but not too many among snooker players. Psychologists say it’s all to do with how much individual control they have over their sport’s outcome. If they have to rely on those around […]

The funny thing about punctuation

For all those authors, students, journalists, academics and conscientious tweeters who find themselves fretting over proper punctuation, take a moment to watch Victor Borge’s classic comedy sketch. Borge was a fascinating man. Born in Denmark in 1909 to musician parents, he found fame as an accomplished pianist who also performed stand-up routines during concerts. He […]

Fairytale ending for 500 new stories

“Okay, bedtime! You want a story? Goldilocks? Hansel and Gretel?” “Mummy, tell me the story about the princess who disguises herself as a pond.” “A pond?” “Yeah, to escape the evil witch!” “Right… Don’t know that one. What happens?” “The witch drinks the pond.” “Er… She drinks the princess?” “Don’t worry, Mummy, the clever princess […]

Why Kate and William couldn’t call him Elvis

The conscious mind is incapable of random thoughts. Doing the Lottery is a case in point. You may think you’re choosing six random numbers but you’re not. Each one is dependent upon the others. Would you choose the numbers: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6? I wouldn’t think so. And yet they have the […]

In the beginning…

Hello. I can imagine a legion of writers across the known world who have yet to join the blogosphere because they just can’t decide on a fancy blog name. Thousands of would-be blogging authors stand at the door trying desperately to come up with a name that is intelligent/witty/non-pretentious – in short, it heralds their […]