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Fusion goes nuclear

Tomorrow marks the 50th Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition at the RDS in Dublin. To celebrate the event, I’ve edited and designed (and wrote a lot of) a science magazine which highlights the past, present and future of science in Ireland. It features guest writers, key interviews, reviews of the year in science, a quiz […]

Genes aren’t something you wear

Ireland has been left red-faced over blue eyes and blonde hair. Here’s the quick version: a white-skinned, blonde-haired and blue-eyed young girl called Maria was taken from a Roma couple in Greece, who were then held for allegedly abducting her. DNA was tested. A woman, pictured left, claimed she was the child’s mother. Meanwhile in […]

Forget the cat, is Schrödinger alive or dead?

The latest Google Doodle may have gone over a lot of people’s heads, but it’s worth noting. What may look like some strange cat joke is in fact a clever image detailing a mind-boggling aspect of quantum mechanics. The cat is the famous moggie from Erwin Schrödinger’s thought experiment. It’s a baffling concept, but here’s […]

Blue sky thinking

Raising a child is hard. Never mind all the feeding and caring and the cleaning up of unmentionable various bodily fluids – the hardest part is something that takes you completely by surprise. The neverending list of questions! I remember feeling ready. I had just written a quiz book so I thought that that would […]

The little bang…

The God particle* hasn’t gone away, you know! It’s just over a year since the world of science was shaken by the confirmation of the existence of the Higgs boson. On July 4, 2012, a room full of particle physicists at CERN got very excited at the news – not One Direction-fan excited, they applauded […]