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Last Chrismas

It’s Christmas Eve and a little boy is trying to catch the attention of last-minute shoppers. The truth changes the holiday plans for almost an entire town as well as the future of a curious cop.

Mythology meets modernity in short stories to fire the imagination

From a quest to find the Starbucks mermaid, to a god’s dream of saving the

Long wait for a short story

Finally! After finishing a novel, which took up the bulk of two years, I found it difficult to simply stop. Just like a marathon runner continues trotting past the finish line, momentum prevented me from dropping the pen and backing away from the keyboard. So, what to do with the residual creativity? The answer came […]

Day of Days

Years of planning, down to this. The lurch and roll atop the waves. The sound of men praying and vomiting. Some boy weeping behind us. Too cramped to look back. All eyes on the barge door, seawater pouring down its metal ribs like tears. Helmets pressing down on skulls, metal shaking with the drone of […]

Competition time for young writers

Have you got a budding young writer in your house? A novelist who’s still learning their ABCs? A future Pulitzer prize winner who’s still a young teenager? Well if so, here’s a short story competition for them to hone their skills and – possibly – win lots of books for themselves and their schools. The […]

Name Tags – short story

The click in Joe’s throat echoed about the filthy, half-lit room. His spit had dried up. Light gnawed at the taped up windows. Flies buzzed furiously in the dark kitchenette. Bed springs bit into his flesh. The gun’s black eye shook. Behind it, Sam’s huge, scarred fist gripped the weapon. “Can we at least, can […]

The Alpha Female

The challenge: Write a short story of 26 sentences, each beginning with a letter of the alphabet, from A to Z The Alpha Female by Mark Evans “Again! Be yourself this time!” Creases line her forehead. “Do you see anyone else here?” “Exactly!” he shouts. Forefinger presses ‘play’ and the sound of shouting fills the […]

Short of time for short story competition

Short story writing must be the most challenging of all. For the past seven months I’ve been thinking about a tale to enter the Seán Ó Faoláin Short Story Competition but it’s always been too short, or too… meh. With the deadline falling on July 31, I’ve decided to spend the next week scribbling a […]