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I don’t like spam!

Oh dear. Looks like I spent a sizeable chunk of time responding to a machine, which didn’t really care about the process of writing at all. It just wanted me to click a link and buy some ‘stuff’. Well, wham, bam, thank you spam, but the joke’s on you. I’ll turn your realistically kosher query into […]

The illusion of dissatisfaction – or how to upgrade your life in one easy download

Firstly, I am not a Luddite. The real Luddites were textile craftsmen who went around 200 years ago smashing newfangled machines that threatened their jobs. Those men were being replaced by spinning frames and power looms tended to by unskilled labourers who would require far less money and do far more hours of work. Trying […]

Self-publishing is a truly multimedia affair

If I had a carrier pigeon, I would have used that too. And smoke signals. And a quick lesson in semaphore before climbing to the top of a really tall building to wave my flags. In the end, I can thank my lucky stars that I live in the 21st century and have access to […]

‘Epic on a small scale…’

Part of the process of marketing a book is taking part in interviews. I’ve done hundreds over the years, though mostly as the interviewer. But I’m well into the phase of being the interviewee, being asked questions regarding my new book, Mrs God. James O’Sullivan is a publisher and a poet with a great interest […]

The tyranny of technology

Update… refresh… reload… click… refresh… scroll… click… Our ancestors never knew real stress. Yes, they had to hunt down their dinner. Sure, they followed vast herds of hairy quadrupeds before someone clever invented agriculture. But their daily struggles were petty concerns compared with ours. For one thing, they didn’t have the internet. Here’s the ‘don’t […]