On World Book Day, it’s crucial that we all use the best and most powerful skill we’ve ever been taught – the ability to read. Books can take you to faraway places without taking a step; can show you things that are impossible to see; can make you laugh and cry and care for people […]

Today is Leap Day. It’s also the day my new novel, Mrs God: Trinity, is released and I’m asking you to take a leap of faith by purchasing my fantasy/sci-fi/action adventure on this rare date. If you read your books digitally then there are several ways you can download it: Amazon.com Amazon.co.uk Apple iBooks Nook […]

Notebook… manuscript… paperback… A picture is worth a thousand words, but this one shows how my random scribblings mutated into a note-riddled beta reader manuscript and finally a 110,000-word fantasy/sci-fi book. You’re looking at 18 months of work (blood, sweat, and frantic keyboard bashing) in which the nugget of a hint of a glimpse of […]

I’m lucky. I grew up in a city. I had a good choice of where I wanted to watch the latest film releases. There were cinemas all over Cork City. But if I wished to see Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters then there was only one place to go – the Capitol on the Grand Parade. The place […]

I was asked to submit a play to help raise funds for refugees living in my city. And though the subject matter was as serious and as difficult as you would expect, the writing process in itself was enjoyable. I’ve had the honour of having plays produced and with that honour comes a third eye, one […]

On the Fourth of July last, the brother and I attended a special screening of Jaws to mark its 40th anniversary. It ticked a rather large box for two fans of Spielberg’s shark film, as we’ve seen it now on TV, VHS, DVD, blogged about it and read the coffee-table book. (Also, I own a […]

UPDATE: With so many people embracing World Book Day – and downloading my ebook – Mrs God will remain at its special price until the publication of its sequel, hopefully, later in the year. Cheers! *** To celebrate World Book Day, I’ve decided to sell the ebook of my novel Mrs God for just £0.99 or […]

Though the screenplay for Steven Spielberg’s epic Jaws was written by Peter Benchley and Carl Gottlieb – built on the bones of Benchley’s pulp thriller and fleshed out by Gottlieb’s great ear for dialogue – the standout speech in the film – and one of the best in movie history – was ‘written’ by Howard Sackler, John […]

Beckett, Boland, Clarke, Heaney, Joyce, Kavanagh, Kinsella, Muldoon, Yeats…  You may not have liked poetry at school – or perhaps you did – but I bet there’s at least one Irish poem that bubbles to the surface of your mind every now and again. Why not vote for it in RTE’s A Poem for Ireland? […]

With Earth’s Greatest Character Actors getting pegged down by Marvel and DC for their epic multi-year showdown at the multiplexes, it reminded me of a long feature I wrote when Marvel turned 50. That was only three years ago, with Marvel still in the final throes of assembling its avengers – it had yet to […]