Seven Ages of Mam (2017)

Seven AgesA woman recalls some key events in her life, including gaining the title of “Mammy” and losing her own identity…… all while preparing dinner! Inspired by Shakespeare’s most famous soliloquy from “As You Like It” which divides the life of each man into seven ages – the infant, the schoolboy, the lover, the soldier, the justice, the old man and the invalid. In “Seven Ages of Mam” while preparing dinner for her family, she divides her own life into similar ages by recalling key moments – some are comic, some are tragic; all of them explore the lengths we go to in order to find and hang on to our identity.


You Have It All Backwards (2015) Pauline O'Driscoll on stage

We’ve all seen and heard of the horrendous journeys taken by families to flee their war-torn homes and attempt to find solace in Europe. Journey with a Syrian mother into her past, from Ireland to her home via a refugee camp in Germany and the perils of the Mediterranean Sea and discover the losses she has suffered along the way.

Performed as part of a Cork Calais Refugee Solidarity theatre production to raise funds for the refugee crisis. Directed by John Hayes and starring Pauline O’Driscoll.

  • Debuted at the Camden Palace Theatre, Cork City – December 4, 2015.
  • Performed at A Taste of Syria fundraiser, Clonakilty – February 16, 2016.
  • Calais, France – March, 2016 (Cancelled after Jungle was bulldozed).
  • Performed at the Everyman Palace Theatre, Cork City – June 7, 2016.
  • Performed at Smock Alley, Dublin – July 9, 2016
  • Performed at Bandon Town Hall, Co Cork, as part of the Engage Arts Festival – October 2, 2016.


LightThe Light Keepers (2013)

Ancient Prom has seen civilisations rise and fall, witnessed the birth of nations, watched the creation of art, science and culture. As the Keeper of the Light he has lit the way for the ascent of man. Now, it seems, his time has come to an end. Young Menlo arrives with talk of a new era, a hi-tech future where the Light is fuelled by electricity, where people can have everything they need simply at the touch of a button. Should Prom finally quench his flame and allow Menlo take over? Which Light would serve Man best? And which of the Light Keepers would be best to illuminate the future?

Shortlisted for Cork Arts Theatre One-Act Playwright Awards and produced. Directed by Noelle Clarke. Winner of two awards, Best Production and Best Actor, for Eugene McCarthy (Prom).


Reverse Psychology (2013) Disconnected

A renowned psychologist relishes the challenge of a disturbed foreign lady with a split personality, but the horrific truth lurking beneath the surface reveals their pasts are intertwined.

Produced by the Wild Ensemble Theatre Company, as part of a horror anthology called Disconnected. Directed by John Hayes. See this post on rehearsals and this post on the production.




73 Seconds (2012)

A quarter of a century after their childhood friend died, three people meet up again after the boy’s time capsule is unearthed. From beyond the grave he challenges them to relive the famous disaster that tore their innocence apart.

Shortlisted for Cork Arts Theatre One-Act Playwright Awards and produced. Directed by Jim Horgan. [See review below.]

Also currently in ‘development’ with a New York theatre company with a view to putting it on off-off-Broadway.



Fade to Black (2011) 



A story of love, regret… and classic movies. One year after an accident leaves the love of his life in a coma, a man must make a fateful journey and make the biggest decision of their lives. He’s haunted by the question he never got to ask her, but her memory and their love of cinema could be enough to finally set him free.

Shortlisted for Cork Arts Theatre One-Act Playwright Awards and produced. Directed by John Hayes. Winner of Best Actor award, for Rupert Stutchbury. [See review below.]



Oblivion (1999)

Grieving woman finds a mysterious key in her dead partner’s clothes and is determined to find out what it unlocks.

Shortlisted for Cork Arts Theatre One-Act Playwright Awards and produced.


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