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Déjà view

It must be so hard to be a screenwriter hawking an original script round Hollywood these days. The next Blade Runner, the next Godfather, the next Gladiator… hell, the next Star Wars, could be out there somewhere, carried hopefully in a folder to meeting after meeting, or doomed beneath a tottering slush piles in an […]

Use the Force, Michael

The problem with writing anything is usually that an entire universe awaits creation and you don’t know where to focus. You can’t start with the Big Bang when the love story doesn’t happen for another 14 billion years. You can’t spend 250 pages describing the haunted house and have the scary stuff occur in the […]

From A-lists to World War Z

Brilliant interview with Max Brooks by Empire magazine here. I haven’t seen World War Z yet because I haven’t read the book yet. Must rectify that before a member of the undead snacks on my cerebellum. Great insights into the writing process, shenanigans with Hollywood, politics with China and steadfastly refusing to do his work […]

Sisters are writing it for themselves

Great piece from The Guardian’s G2 today on how female actors – led by the fabulous Kristen Wiig – are writing themselves great parts in great movies. Read it here. Plus it forms a nice counterpoint to the testosterone-soaked screenplays of yore mentioned elsewhere in this blog! Thanks to female screenwriters, we have had a […]